Your database produces an enormous amount of information. We help you make use of it.

QueryAdvisor is a revolutionary software program that transforms your “data” into useable information for your admin department in specific and your business in general.

With QueryAdvisor, you’ll gain a strong understanding and knowledge about what’s going on behind the scenes, helping you tune, tweak, observe, and evolve your database operations.
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How Does QueryAdvisor Benefit You?

  • Saves Precious Time - Instead of painstakingly analyzing your data manually, with QueryAdvisor you can quickly find out the execution times of various processes inside your database and your database applications. Additionally, information about the exact number of exchanged data packages is available.
  • Minimizes Risk of Corrupting Live Data - Any change in your software code brings the risk of disturbing the normal operations of your live applications and processes. With QueryAdvisor you can test changes and updates in a separate, local session without affecting real-world use, preventing often devastating and time-consuming database crises. When you’re ready to make changes live, QueryAdvisor uses a special process called “Materialization” to transform the tested local session into the live environment.
  • Allows Broad Insight - With QueryAdvisor you gain a revolutionary new perspective into the inner workings of your database systems. In addition to answering questions of frequency, you will be able to see the variation in execution times as well as all related wait events and all used objects. An explanation plan is generated for you during the runtime so you’ll be in charge of your database… not the other way around.
  • Discovers Patterns - Interesting patterns will be made visible to you, providing hints on which parts of your applications and processes should be optimized, based on how well they utilize the available resources. If there is a resource hungry operation, you will know about it instantly.
  • Increases Your Flexibility - Query Advisor allows you to test many program variations and compare the results. Outlines can be derived directly from the queries in the repository and multi-layered systematic analysis can be efficiently accomplished. Furthermore, you can schedule tests automatically at various intervals, so part of your job can be done even while you’re sleeping.

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