Become the Master of Your Database - As the leading software for efficient, comprehen-sive tracefile analysis, QueryAdvisor provides you with unmatched wisdom and power.


A Few of QueryAdvisor’s Many Features:

  • Easily Readable Data - QueryAdvisor gives you a distilled view of the specific queries generated from huge amounts of log files.
  • Convenient Dashboard View - All observations are interlinked into a single, powerful command screen. This is your database headquarters.
  • Easy to Use – In a single click, you can be observing or adjusting fundamental database components.
  • Intelligence – QueryAdvisor can create the best-suited database variant automatically for you to stabilize or speed up various processes.
  • Drill Down Details – QueryAdvisor differentiates database-specific problem areas from internal statistics (system and session specific).
  • Bottleneck Buster – Provides a clear overview of all wait events, IO-statistics, and waiting sessions (along with the cause of such waiting).

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