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The SQL Shell feature of QueryAdvisor allows you to directly process SQL commands.

In addition to displaying the execution plans, the SQL Shell can display the statistical data for the current session as well as history.

The SQL commands which are stored in the Repository can be directly incorporated and executed from within the shell. Furthermore, the bind variables within the Repository can also be displayed before being executed. Finally, new SQL commands can be easily incorporated into the existing Repository.
Outline Editor

Outline Editor

By using the Outline Editor feature you can synchronize existing outlines with the Repository and check them for errors.

In addition, new outlines can be used with different combinations of hints and tested against the bind variables deposited in the Repository.

Finally, the outlines are automatically generated with or without the exchange of execution plans.
Property Analysis

Property Analysis

QueryAdvisor’s Repository provides a location in which to analyze all objects and their paths in detail.

This will allow you to identify structural problems early. Furthermore, all database reorganizations can be well-prepared and thoroughly planned.

In addition to data distribution histograms and hot-block analysis, the allocated and in-use blocks of data are displayed separately.
Ratios & Wait Events

Ratios & Wait Events

With QueryAdvisor, you can perform comprehensive evaluations of an instance or session at the level of RACs.

An in-depth analysis of many different database areas can also be performed including various statistics of the File-I/Os, the proper sizing of PGA, SGA as well as the use of the buffer cache.

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