What is QueryAdvisor?

QueryAdvisor is the universal tool for analysis, diagnosis, optimisation and forecasting of Oracle databases.

QueryAdvisor is a highly effective productivity tool for fast and comprehensive analysis of large amounts of Oracle trace files. It allows you to more efficiently manage and tune your database.

As such, it is intended for Database Administrators as well as Software Developers.


Why Should You Use the Query Advisor?

  • Saves Precious Time - Instead of painstakingly analyzing the data, with Query Advisor you can quickly find out the execution times inside the database and the application. Additionally, the information about the exact number of exchanged data packages is available.
  • Minimizes Risk of Corrupting Live Data - Any change in the software code always brings the risk of disturbing the normal operation of a live application. With Query Advisor, you can test the changes in a separate, local session without affecting other users.
  • Allows Broad Insight - QueryAdvisor gives you full insight into the inner workings of your database. In addition to frequency queries, you will be able to see the variation in execution times as well as all related wait events, all used objects, and an explanation plan generated during the runtime. And in case of reparsing in different sessions, there will be several different execution plans.
  • Identify typical patterns - QueryAdvisor will provide hints what parts of the application should be optimised based on how well they use the available resources. If an operation uses a large amount of resources, you will know about it instantly:
  • Increases Your Flexibility - Query Advisor allows you to test many variations and compare the results. The Outlines can be derived directly from the queries in the repository by simply adding the interactive hints.
  • Increases Your Productivity - Query Advisor comes with a “Virtual Index” feature, which allows you to test your new database index without affecting other users.

Since it is used in a separate, local session and only for generating the execution plans, the virtual index will remain invisible to anyone else. After executing the “Materialization” process, the virtual index is transformed into a real one. Again, these procedures are automatic and require no user interaction, which significantly reduces the risk of database failure.

Query Advisor is a highly effective productivity tool for fast and comprehensive analysis of large amounts of Oracle trace files. As such, it is intended for the Database Administrators as well as the software developers. The primary purpose of the Query Advisor is to assist you in performing the database maintenance tasks as well as to help you solve problems quickly and safely.

QueryAdvisor will allow you to:

  • Easily assess the current state of your database.
  • Solve and avoid emerging performance problems.
  • Forcast and avoid problems with your database before they affect production.
  • Test the influence of database and application changes before they become effective.
  • Predict database and application behavior by monitoring the increase in transaction and data volumes.

A brochure describing the major features of QueryAdvisor for download is available here.

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