Betatest - Invitation

Why do we organize a Betatest?

Till now QueryAdvisor was tested and used predominandly by us and DBAs we know in person.

If there was a problem detected or an improvement found, it was discussed and implemented straightforward. This happened all in an very informal way.

To avoid risks created out of working only with a group of peers and informal communication an official betatest has been organized.

Who is invited to become part of our Betatest?

Oracle DBAs independent of their experience representing the expected groups of users.

In general participation is based on invitation but personal applications are welcomed in addition. So it is fine if you forward our invitations to DBAs you respect.

What do we expect from You?

We are aware that the time you can invest is limited and will depend heavily on your current workload. Therefor our major expectation is that you will:

  • Use QueryAdvisor during your regular work and/or private tests.
  • Feedback on our regular surveys (not more then 10 questions).
  • Reporting of errors, problems and unexpected behaviour.
  • Sharing of ideas for improvements and future extensions.

What will be Your Benefits?

Among other benefits you will probably find the following the most valuable:

  • Administrator license and basic support for free.
  • Updates on a regular base for free.
  • Invitations to further activities for free.
  • Possibility to see your ideas come true.

Sounds interesting?

Register right now and become a member of our testteam!


This campaign is valid till 31.12.2012.

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