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QueryAdvisor and Web 2.0

We offer additional information on different Web 2.0 sites:

- The QueryAdvisor Blog at Blogspot presents ideas we are thinking about.

- The QueryAdvisor Twitter channel offers recent information about what we are doing.

- The QueryAdvisor YouTube videos support training and marketing.

Have Fun and Enjoy!


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QueryAdvisor V2.90 Release


The new QueryAdvisor V2.90 release offers in addition to the solution of some minor problems several exciting new enhancements. The most interesting enhancement is the new 360° Tracefile View described in more detail below.


As as in the past the upgrade is painless. Download the new version and use your old confiugration files as they will be upgraded on the fly! Register to our Blog or Twitter channel for the exact release date.

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QueryAdvisor's 360° Tracefile View


The new 360° tracefile view creates a holistic presentation over all instances. Tracefile events with related sessions are plotted on a common timebase. Drilldowns to SQL code, variable bindings and source tracfiles are available in addition.

This allows the easy analysis of the execution context around a selected SQL command getting a better insight in the database single instance and RAC behaviour as no other software does offer today. Try it on your own!