Product Licenses

Due to various functionality requirements, QueryAdvisor is available with several different product licenses. There is no limitation on the number of different instances you can analyze data from.

Please review the below information to understand the differences between the versions.

If you’re unsure which version your company needs, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Product Licenses
Public Free version to get you started with tracefile analysis. Limited functionality.
Registered General use version with basic functionality. Focus on tracefile analysis.
Developer Enhanced funtionality for developers with limited database access.
Administrator Full functionality for database administrator with full database access.
Enterprise Additional functionality for complex testing szenarios and forecasting.
All licenses cover an unlimited number of instances!

A detailed list of the available functionality in dependance of the QueryAdvisor license type is available for the following perspectives:

QueryAdvisor trial.
QueryAdvisor in 30 Seconds

QueryAdvisor quote.
QueryAdvisor support forum.
QueryAdvisor Twitter channel.
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