"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
(Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790)

Theoretical knowledge from the trainer doesn't really help further in practice, because "knowledge" and "use" are two separate things. For our coaches, training is the completion of everyday projects.

Our training, therefore, is characterized by:

  • Strong practical relevance
  • Elaborate exercises
  • Coaches experienced with the projects
  • Exciting course atmosphere
  • Usage of current techniques
  • Didactic, valuable documentation

The general trainings are the ideal way to acquire the fundamentals or to systematize and complete already existing knowledge. Because the participants typically come from various branches, the themes are prepared due to the differing personal backgrounds, experiences, and needs from various points of view.

The following general trainings described in our brochure are currently offered:

  • Introductory Workshop in QueryAdvisor
  • Problem solving with Querydvisor Workshop
  • SSD Storage Layout Workshop
  • Database Optimization Workshop
  • Database Optimization Workshop Pro
  • Siebel CRM for Oracle

Please download our brochure for a detailed description of general trainings provided.

For all questions concerning content, deadlines and costs of the different events, please use our Contact Form.

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