A 360° View

Databases are complex systems which process numerous operations at the same time. During the execution of SQL commands and synchronizing with the calling applications, the individual sessions influence each other.

Therefore, sometimes the particular characteristics of the execution of a particular SQL command can only be understood with knowledge of the other activities that are taking place parellel in other sessions.

QueryAdvisor offers the possibility of presenting

  • a single tracefile as itemized at the cursor level and object level or
  • all tracefiles of one or more instance(s) to be itemized at intervals.

The following procedures is defined on the basis of a single tracefile:

  1. The itemization to the cursor level is one of the few options which is not active by default. Therefore, this must first be activated in the parameters menu.
  2. The file with the data to be loaded is selected and the SQL commands are added to the repository.
  3. In the corresponding detail tab, the tracefile is shown in detail:
    a. The horizontal is a list of the cursors in use.
    b. The vertical is the current time axis as well as the required time of the individual event.
    c. In the footer area the parameters of the selected events are shown. If the parameters could be resolved as there is a connection to the instance that created the tracefile, then the results are also shown there.

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