During the execution of extensive batch processes, the optimal overlap of the individual activities is of great importance.

QueryAdvisor offers the possibility to show general database activities as well as the individual tracefiles in dependency of the selected instances.

A possible procedure might look as follows:

  1. Tracefiles are selected, either individually as file or as bulk from a directory, and loaded in the repository.
  2. In the Instancefilter, the individual instances can be turned off. A further limitation can be carried out as the limitation of the intervals in the Timefilter.
  3. In the Overview DetailTab, there is a diagram of the individual events dependent upon the recent parameters. In the area of the adjustable parameters, for example, the temporal resolution can be managed.
  4. In the Instances DetailTab, all tracefiles with the integral data are shown as aggragated. On the basis of this tabular diagram, a Gantt chart can be created.

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