Here you will find numerous video tutorials and walk-throughs to help you get acquainted with the QueryAdvisor system.

Designed to help guide you through common tasks related to the set up and maintenance of the QueryAdvisor database analysis system, these videos are sorted by category and are played in the standard YouTube format.

You will find all videos in addition on our YouTube channel. New videos are posted periodically, so please check back soon.

Marketing Videos

Our marketing videos - enjoy!

QueryAdvisor in 30 Seconds       QueryAdvisor - An Overview

Setup and Installation Videos

Learn how to properly install and configure QueryAdvisor on your system.

QA Tutorial - Enter the Licensekey       QA Tutorial - Setup Database Connection

Basic Features Videos

All set up? Now it’s time to learn the basics.

QA Tutorial - Load Oracle Tracefiles       QA Tutorial - QueryAdvisor a Walktrough

Advanced Features Videos

Discover the true power of QueryAdvisor and unleash your database!

QA Tutorial - Load Oracle TraceFiles       QA Tutorial - Setup a Dataflow

QA Tutorial - Generate an Outline       QA Tutorial - Generate a Profile

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