Oracle Diagnosis Tools


The Oracle database administrator is responsible for the availability and performance of his databases. From the early releases to the current ones Oracle offered continuously improved tools to support the database administrators on their daily work.

These tool could be divided dependent on their focus in two groups described in more detail on the following pages.

In addition several highly sophisticated third-party tools and utilites like QueryAdvisor are available to fullfill even more advanced requirements.

Statistical Analysis Tools

The Oracle Statistical Analysis Tools focus on the collection and analysis of internal Oracle database statistics. The main source for the date are the performance or V$ Views. Changes in the database behaviour are dedected through the sampling and calculation of differences between two points in time.

These tools need direct access the database monitored as specific objects must be installed inside the database before monitoring can start. The posssibility of ongoing analysis and creating a history allows the analysis of current and former problems.

The following list of tools is sorted from the oldest to the most recent tool:

For detailed information please drilldown to the description of each tool.

Tracefile Analysis Tools

The Oracle Tracefile Analysis Tools focus on the analysis of Oracle event 10046 tracefiles. An Oracle trc file collects dependent on the tracelevel all information around the execution of SQL statements. Processing this information allows the generation of detailed statistics.

As each single trc file has been created in the past it is important to collect this information to build up a history reflection the typical execution context of a SQL statement. For the analysis of recent problems the Oracle SQL trace has to be activated first.

The older tracefile analysis tools are able to work offline without modification in the underlying database, what makes them more flexible but less powerfull. For details please check the detailed description of each tool.

The following list of tools is sorted froom the oldest to the most recent tool:

For detailed information please drilldown to the description of each tool.

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