How useful is QueryAdvisor? How easy and powerful can tracefile analysis be? See for yourself!

QueryAdvisor is available for all recent versions of MS Windows (32Bit) and Mac OSX (64Bit). A MS Windows 64Bit release is available upon request.

Experience the software firsthand with the free public/trial version. We’ve provided the public/trial to show you how QueryAdvisor works and to help you determine whether it’s right for your business with no cost or obligation to you.

The free public/trial version does for sure NOT contain and kind of Adware or Spyware!

About Registration: While registration is not necessary to download the public/trial software, doing so will enable you to access Tech Support and the Online Community Forum.

We strongly encourage you to register and make use of these very helpful resources to help you learn about tracefile analysis in general and QueryAdvisor’s industry-leading technology in particular.

Your registration details are handled with absolute confidentiality and are not shared with any third-parties whatsoever (not even our partners!).


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